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Spring and Fall 2010

Legislative Report

Since both Spring and Fall Legislative Articles will be published at one time, I will begin from March and end at the present time. So much has transpired this year, however, I feel that I must acknowledge all of the hard work and dedication that our legislative delegates accomplished while up on the Hill.

A sincere Thank You to all 38 Florida NAPS delegates who did such a terrific job at the LTS! We had a little competition from NAPUS who also went to DC at the same time. The legislative schedulers got a bit confused but with such tactful NAPS delegates on the Hill, we got it all straightened out. Due to the extreme cold winter in DC, the cherry blossoms weren’t out yet. The new Omni Shoreham Hotel we stayed at was very nice; great location and accommodations. Not perfect, but what is in life? With all of the publicity on the news and in the papers about the demise of the USPS, the Congressmen and Senators wanted to hear what we had to say. We are working in the stations and branches and in the Plants. We have seen the decline in mail volume and the push from upper level management to “do more with less.” We have seen the Function Four Teams slash our clerks in the stations. We have seen long lines and Mystery Shopper Failures. So, when we went to DC this year, we could speak from experience and with firsthand knowledge to Congressional Members and their Legislative Staffers.
What was our message this year? Well contrary to what our Postmaster General is requesting, NAPS is against five day delivery. This should be our last resort! There are other ways of reducing costs. Which brings us to our first and foremost talking point this year on the Hill:
Restructuring the Postal Service Pension and Retiree Health Benefit Burden
Do you know that the OIG did an investigation into the payments the USPS made to the CSRS pension fund and found that we over paid by $75 Billion? This over payment would fully fund all mandated payments through the year 2016. There also needs to be a recalculation of the USPS pension obligation to the CSRS pension fund using more equitable calculation methods. These steps would generate a substantial savings to the USPS and have us not resort to five day delivery.
When speaking to our legislators their jaws dropped when we gave them the $75 Billion figure. It made sense to them if we can cut costs in these economic demanding times to not have to pay in to the CSRS pension fund for now. Of course they took our information and will be doing their own research.
Make Five Day Delivery the Last Resort, Not the First
NAPS encouraged Congress to confer greater authority to the USPS to introduce and sell new products and services that expand the definition of “mail” as well as provide wider pricing flexibility. This involves a re-examination of the USPS business model and its underlying legal and regulatory framework.
Not one legislator was in favor of five day delivery. They feel that we need to provide a service to the American Public by delivering mail six days a week.
Other issues of importance that we discussed were:
H.R. 1604 Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act
This bill would guarantee the right of any eligible voter to vote by mail in a federal election. Florida is currently a vote by mail State.
H.R. 4489 FEHBP Prescription Drug Integrity, Transparency, and Cost Savings Act
This legislation will lower prescription drug prices by expanding the oversight authority of the Office of Personnel Management to regulate prescription drug benefits o ffered by health insurance carriers participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
H.R. 4711 Postal Service Electric Vehicle Act and H.R. 4399 American Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Act
Both bills would assist the USPS to more rapidly replace or convert its gas powered delivery vehicles with plug-in electric vehicles.
Permit Annual Leave Contributions to TSP Accounts
NAPS urges Congress to authorize postal and federal employees upon leaving government service to deposit the cash value of their unused annual
leave into their Thrift Savings Plan accounts.
H.R. 1203 and S.491 Federal and Military Retiree Health Care Equity Act
This Bill would make health care more affordable through changing the tax laws to permit federal, postal and military retirees to pay their health
insurance premiums with pre-tax earnings.
H.R. 1157 Veterans Reassignment Protection Act
This Bill would prohibit federal departments and agencies, including the U.S. Postal Service from implementing personnel policies that circumvent the application of veterans’ preference appeal rights. Current USPS personnel rules deny military veterans employee by the agency the job protections our nation’s veterans were meant to receive. The USPS personnel rules claim to allow the agency to transfer military veteran employees to jobs in areas are from their homes, without any right of appeal, when a downsizing action occurs.
H.R. 235 and S. 484 Social Security Fairness Act of 2009
This Bill would alleviate the unfair impact levied against postal and federal retirees by the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). The GPO can reduce or eliminate Social Security spousal or survivor benefits for an otherwise eligible retired postal employee. The WEP can reduce earned Social Security benefits by up to 60 percent of an otherwise eligible retired postal employee.
If you want to check on a Bill or to see if your Congressman did cosponsor a particular Bill, go to THOMAS, the Congressional legislative database,, then enter the bill number, then click "Bill Summary & Status", then click "Cosponsors."
There are so many NAPS members that I have to thank this year who kept after the legislative schedulers. Once again, Howard Stillwell, Kay Woods, Stanley Gold, Bobbi Ison, Ellen Bohde, Bobby Bock, and Sam Glover kept calling and reconfirming the appointments. I personally want to thank each NAPS delegate for taking time out of their busy schedules, taking their annual leave, and attending meetings for the benefit of not only NAPS members but all postal employees.
Stanley Gold made sure his secretaries sent thank you cards to the South Florida Congressmen and Senators Offices that we met with. A “Thank You,” goes a long way! Please plan on visiting your congressman while they are home in the district office. It is imperative that you develop that personal relationship with your congressman or staffers at the local level. This is an election year! Help volunteer for a candidate that you know supports our Postal Issues. Patti Lynn and I both have worked on Kendrick Meek’s run for the US Senate Office. Kendrick Meek has shown his loyalty to NAPS and our issues as Congressman. We are in critical times in the Postal Service! Congress is so powerful! Louis Atkins has said for many years now that our futures will lie in Congress. Let me share this one example with you. The South Florida delegates from Miami, Branch 146 went to visit Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart’s Office. We started talking to the Legislative Staffer about the closing of facilities and five day delivery. She shared with us that Lincoln’s Diaz-Balart’s Office was instrumental in keeping the Hialeah Post Office open. The Hialeah Post Office was one of many Post Offices and Stations on the chopping block. Lincoln Diaz-Balart’s office wants us to call them as soon as a Bill is introduced regarding Restructure of Postal Service Pension and Retiree Health Benefits.
Congratulations goes out to Jerry Sebastian who was the highest SPAC contributor from Florida in 2009 and made the Ultimate Club in the $2,000.-$2,500. category. Kym Mullins was the second highest single contributor from Florida, in the Ultimate Club $1,500.-$1,999. category. Lisa Greene and Patti Lynn made the Ultimate Club in the $1,000. - $1,499. category.
Where did our SPAC money go in Florida? Congressmen Alan Grayson, Kendrick Meek, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz all received donations. Remember, if there is an event you would like to attend for your congressman, call or email Louis Atkins and he will arrange for you to attend. We need more of our Floridian Congressmen getting that SPAC money!
There are four ways that you can contribute to SPAC. You can arrange for automatic payroll deductions by accessing Postal EASE by phone; charge your contribution to a Master Card or Visa credit card via a link on the NAPS website; you can arrange for automatic payroll deduction to SPAC by accessing Postal EASE online; or arrange for an automatic monthly deduction to SPAC from your checking account.
Our LTS Team of 2010
  • Ken Batastini
  • Bobby Bock
  • Ellen Bohde
  • Leslie Braverman
  • Cathy Buchanan
  • Mary Collins
  • Charlene Cook
  • James Eaton
  • Jeffrey Fallick
  • Tim Ford
  • Kenneth Franz
  • Belinda Gilbert
  • Sam Glover
  • Stanley Gold
  • Diane Goldstein
  • Ilia Gonzalez-Marino – First Timer
  • Roe Herzog
  • Bobbi Ison
  • Ken Joe
  • Debra Johnson
  • Kelly Lanning – First Timer
  • Cindy LeCompte
  • Terrance Lewis
  • Bobby Lockhart – First Timer
  • Victor Lopez
  • Patti Lynn
  • Cheryl Moffitt
  • Kym Mullins
  • Gelcys Peraza
  • Jerry Peruzzi
  • Bob Quinlan
  • Mark Schulz – First Timer
  • Jerry Sebastian
  • Howard Stillwell
  • Ann Strickland
  • Deborah Vick
  • Michael Vick
  • Kay Woods

Resident Officers

  1. Louis M. Atkins


    1727 King Street, Suite 400
    Alexandria, VA 22314-2753

  2. James F. Killackey III

    Executive Vice President

    1727 King Street, Suite 400
    Alexandria, VA 22314-2753

  3. Brian J. Wagner


    1727 King Street, Suite 400
    Alexandria, VA 22314-2753

Regional V.P.'s

  1. Tim Ford

    Southern Region Vice President

    6214 Klondike Drive
    Port Orange, FL 32127-6783

  2. Craig O. Johnson

    Central Region Vice President

    6703 N. Saint Clair Avenue
    Kansas City, MO 64151-2399

  3. Ivan Butts

    Eastern Region Vice President

    7406 Miller Avenue
    Upper Darby, PA 19082-2005

  4. Marilyn Walton

    Western Region Vice President

    P.O. Box 103
    Vacaville, CA 95696-0103

  5. Tommy Roma

    Northeast Region Vice President

    385 Colon Avenue
    Staten Island, NY 10308-1417

    • Home: 718-605-0357
    • Work: 718-338-1351
    • Fax: 718-338-8361
    • Other: 917-685-8282
    • Email:

Area V.P.'s

  1. Neil E. Baker

    North Central Area Vice President

    680 S. Freeway Road
    Mendota Heights, MN 55118-4313

    • Home: 651-681-1567
    • Work: 651-457-8900
    • Fax: 651-457-7049
    • Other: 651-592-5297
    • Email:
  2. Cindy McCracken

    Northwest Area Vice President

    14844 N.E. 11th Pl.
    Bellevue, WA 98007

  3. Shri L. Green

    Cotton Belt Area Vice President

    4072 Royalcrest Drive
    Memphis, TN 38115-6438

    • Home: 901-362-5436
    • Work: 901-521-2208
    • Other: 901-482-1216
    • Email:
  4. Jerry Sebastian

    Southeast Area Vice President

    517 66th Street North
    Palm Harbor, FL 34684-4602

  5. Larry D. Ewing

    MINK Area Vice President

    4049 SE 21st Street
    Tecumseh, KS 66542-2604

  6. Hayes Cherry

    Pacific Area Vice President

    P.O. Box 7455
    Moreno Valley, CA 92552-7455

    • Home: 951-242-7960
    • Work: 909-335-4361
    • Fax: 951-242-7960
    • Other: 951-533-0241
    • Email:
  7. Luz R. Moreno

    Illini Area Vice President

    625 Alhambra Ln.
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60194-1907

  8. John R. Aceves

    Rocky Mountain Area Vice President

    4245 W. Mine Shaft Way
    Tucson, AZ 85745-4146

  9. Jaime A. Elizondo, Jr.

    Texas Area Vice President

    P.O. Box 1357
    Houston, TX 77251-1357

    • Home: 832-722-3737
    • Work: 713-226-3803
    • Fax: 713-226-3823
    • Email:
  10. Roy Beaudoin

    Central Gulf Area Vice President

    3332 Pines Road
    Shreveport, LA 71119-3510

    • Home: 318-525-0397
    • Fax: 318-525-0397
    • Other: 318-208-9421
    • Email:
  11. Kevin Trayer

    Michiana Area Vice President

    9604 M-89 #44
    Richland, MI 49083-9657

  12. Charles (Chuck) A. Mulidore

    Pioneer Area Vice President

    222 Mansell Dr.
    Youngstown, OH 44505-1961

  13. Richard Green

    Capitol-Atlantic Area Vice President

    7734 Leyland Cypress Lane
    Quinton, VA 23141-1377

    • Home: 804-932-4807
    • Work: 804-559-7810
    • Fax: 804-559-7823
    • Other: 804-932-4807
    • Email:
  14. James (Jimmy) Warden

    New York Area Vice President

    137 Evergreen Court
    Freehold, NJ 07728-4122

    • Home: 732-294-8962
    • Work: 212-330-2249
    • Fax: 212-879-8475
    • Other: 917-968-5222
    • Email:
  15. Hans P. Aglidian

    Mideast Area Vice President

    5 Chester Pike Apt. D
    Ridley Park, PA 19078-2005

  16. Cyril (Cy) P. Dumas

    New England Area Vice President

    4 Adams Street
    Foxboro, MA 02035-2202

Resident Officers' Address:

1727 King Street, Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314-2753


Regional Vice President
Tim Ford, Southern Region, 6214 Klondike Drive, Port Orange, FL  32127-6783  (386)-767-3673,  Email

Area Vice President
Jerry Sebastian, Southeast Area, Serving FL, GA, 301 58th Street, N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710-7907, (727) 343-9165, Fax: (727) 343-9165, Email:

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